Autumn 2016 Update

Dear Friends,

These past few months have been busy—as many of you know we had the chance to spend six weeks in America this summer. We had such an encouraging time visiting with family, friends, and  worshiping again with our home church in Virginia Beach. During that time many of you were able to hear our update, but for anyone who didn’t, here’s what’s been happening at High Road Baptist Church!

14341510_10157393798585414_1056976876_nBefore we left to come back to America we did quite a bit of work in and around our building. We purchased new chairs, did an extensive clear-out of some sheds, and a good bit of garden work. We had two purposes for doing this work: first, it simply needed to be done, but secondly, it was preparation for a BBQ the first weekend of July. The BBQ was such a fun time for us and the congregation; we had people come from Chesham in support, some of our neighbours, and also some leaders from the other local churches in the area. Please pray with us as we seek to use our resources at hand to continue to serve our community and to share with them the good news of Jesus Christ. We need wisdom as we continue with maintenance work and updates around the property (new windows before winter, discussions with the borough council about trees, etc.) and as we think through various outreaches leading up to Christmas. We have  some ideas floating around some of our members about how we can reach out, but we pray for discernment, unity and excitement as we carry on with these things.

Also, before the summer we were greatly encouraged by a few men from the church (one member, two non-members) who gathered each Sunday morning before our main worship service to work through a seven-week Bible Study on the fundamentals of Christianity. We had some great discussions during this time and we pray that as we have come back home we can pick up on some of those discussions this autumn. As a congregation we will be working through a book called God’s New Community (Graham Beynon) about the purposes of the church. This will be especially helpful as we need to re-evaluate and re-establish the church’s documentation in the future (church covenant, doctrinal statement and practices and principles). It is our prayer that this will generate an understanding of what the church is and how that works out in our lives.

nycAs we finish off this Update letter, we just want to say a huge thank you to every one who continually prays for us and for those of you who support us financially as we serve here through ABWE in England. If you would like to begin partnering financially with us through ABWE, please let us know. We hope that those we met with this summer were as encouraged by our time together as we were and by what the Lord is doing here in the UK. May the Lord continue to bless each of you as we seek to serve our loving and gracious Saviour.

With Thanks,
David & Annalisa Wilson


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